7 solutions for the greatest impact of your marketing campaign.

Recently, in an interview for NowyMarketing, we talked about how we operate in the context of martech. Due to the fact that the competition is growing day by day, and the widespread digitization and automation of processes is progressing faster and faster, marketing and research require more interesting changes and decisions.

What is our solution?

1.Collect valuable data on 121 million users of mobile devices in Central and Eastern Europe, including 14 million in Poland.

2. Learn the profile of demographics and behavior as much as possible (personal, social, psychological, cultural factors) 

Selectivv – Data collection

3. Analyze event participants, plan and report marketing activities, including footfall analysis.

4. Analyze users of mobile devices and use this information effectively in marketing

5. Use Wifitrapping. If we are interested in information, e.g. how long the customer stayed in the store or how the conference participant moved within the event area. In other words, The installation of small measuring devices in the tested location allows the collection of interesting facts about the participants – without the need to involve them.

6. Use Geotrapping which allows precise targeting and extensive marketing, comprehensive and detailed research. In addition, it gives access to information about users visiting given locations.

Selectivv – Geotrapping® 

7. Use Selectivv Viewer (SaaS). The ability to connect to and use cloud-based applications via the Internet, and use them as corresponding to the expectations of both marketing and research.

  • the number and characteristics of users present in selected locations
  • analyze clients (own and competitors)
  • application at any stage of the project (at the beginning, during, at the end or after the campaign)
  • checking the potential of the location when planning the investment
  • and so on…
Selectivv – Selectivv Viewer 2.0 

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