Advertising campaigns based on Geotrapping ®

Nowadays marketing uses geotargeting to reach people who are in a specific place and time. The whole process is based on location data – GPS coordinates or IP address. It allows display an ad on devices present within a radius of a given location – from several meters to a larger area, such as the whole city. Such advertising can encourage customers to visit a particular store or promoted location or take advantage of a time limited offer.

If you operate locally and run a small business, this solution can bring results. In many cases, geotargeting alone may not be enough. That is why it is worth considering more precise ways of reaching potential customers.

What methods are worth taking closer look?

The places we stay in are inseparably connected with our daily activities and lifestyle. They show how we spend time and what we are interested in. They also often indicate our shopping intentions. Visits to a car dealership, wedding fairs or new investment area are connected with our plans, that we may be interested in a given product or service.

The combination of these factors and mobile devices constantly in users’ hand, gives us access to historical data from locations, which are another pillar of effective marketing activities. Geotrapping ® is a tool that will give us access to information about users visiting given locations. Thanks to it, we can display the advertisement to the target group in a day, week or month later. This gives us a huge advantage, because people who participate in a given event, fair or concert do not always have the time or the opportunity to read the advertisement right away. Having an evening rest at home seems to be more likely to get acquainted with it. What other options does Geotrapping ® give? Below are some case studies of implemented campaigns.

A precise message based on the visits frequency

Together with the Starcom media house, we have implemented a campaign targeting hair salons clients and its employees to promote the latest range of L’Oréal products. For the campaign demands, a database of over 1,000 locations with GPS coordinates was selected. Geotrapping ® allowed to distinguish people permanently staying in these locations (employees) and people appearing there less frequently (customers). As a result, a different advertising message was directed to hairdressers and stylists, and a different one to women using their services. By using data from the Selectivv DMP, the target group has been narrowed to women aged 18-34. An additional element of the campaign was retargeting to users who showed interest in the ad and clicked on it. At this stage, the mobile app – Style My Hair was promoted. In the app, customers could find a hairstyle that matches their preferences and get to know the products of L’Oréal better. Using Geotrapping ® we have precisely reached women who were in the brand’s products recipients group, as evidenced by a high CTR of 4.01%.

Reaching people who have shown product or service interest

Another example of  Geotrapping ® implementation is the new Land Rover models promo campaign. The idea was to reach people who might have been interested in buying a new car at a given time. Turned out, that the key to reaching the best target group was targeting mobile devices’ users  who during the campaign visited certain car salons. For the purposes of the campaign, car dealerships of Land Rover and competitors in the largest cities in Poland (Warsaw, Poznan, Katowice, etc.) were selected. The advertisement was directed to people who visited these showrooms and matched target group description. Moreover, the campaign involved analysis of users who had interaction with the ad. As an effect of footfall analysis, it turned out that more than 6% of users who saw the advertisement later visited the client’s showrooms. The report and conclusions from the analysis were also aimed at knowing better the brand client, profile him and prepare an effective communication strategy for the future.

Reaching customers with a special offer

Geotrapping ® can be used during the periods of increased shopping eg. before Christmas. In this way we can reach the group of our regular customers. Offer them a special discount or invite them to visit the location. This way, shopping malls and retail chains can replace the printing of promotional brochures and present their offer in a much more accessible and relevant way. Unlike the printed newsletter, which the customer usually reviews at home or throws away, the offer on a smartphone can be viewed in a convenient moment. Another good way to use Geotrapping ® is to remind people who have recently forgotten us and did not visit our location.

Reaching event participants

With the help of Geotrapping ® you can gather a database of people who have been to job fairs, housing, wedding or IT conferences. Such events are most often associated with the participation of a specific, characteristic group of people. Based on such measurable behavior, visitors to these locations reveal their interests, plans and shopping intentions. It is enough if the advertiser has information about the place and time at which the conference or concert will take place. Then, we are able to display an adequate ad in the following weeks to those groups.

Geotrapping ® over the boundaries

Global brands, to achieve competitive advantage locally, use Geotrapping ®. We carried out a promo campaign for Adidas in Bulgaria. The client was particularly interested in reaching new clients. Along with the creatives, a list of competing stores in the largest cities in this country was delivered. The campaign was targeted at users visiting these locations. Additionally, using data from the Selectivv DMP, the target group was narrowed to people aged 18-45 interested in music, fashion and sport.


The use of Geotrapping ® in advertising campaigns allows you to reach a precisely defined group of people, not only within any area, but also on the basis of activity and interests. In addition, we can choose a convenient time for the user to display the ad, and we are not dependent on the specific location.

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