What was the most surprising in 2019 and what should you pay special attention to?

Answering Dominik Karbowski – CO-CEO, Selectivv

Base on Selectivv experience, among the most important trends is definitely the efficiency of data collection & analysis, also its ever-increasing use. In the age of such a mobile devices’ popularity and it’s owners mobility, day after day, we are faced with growing amount of data to analyze. Its amount goes beyond human analytical capabilities, which causes data science growing importance and popularity. Trends in marketing field are eg. artificial intelligence, algorithms and applications. By using them, we can effectively aggregate and profile data, and then apply into many areas.

During last year, in the media you could find our analyzes relating to current issues. We analyzed the Ukrainian community and estimated its size. The material was widely used in various contexts – social, economic or financial. We repeated the ‘Sunday tradeban’ research to check how new law regulation affected the economic situation in Poland. We also analyzed the alternative forms of transport users. Moreover, we checked how true the stereotype fan of the premier league is (it is not).

One of the most interesting projects of the past year is also a digital installation located on the facade of Plac Unii shopping center. As the part of the project, DOOH capabilities have been combined with real-time information about users within the screen’s range. This is a unique place on the map of Warsaw.

What will the next year bring? Further integration of advertising on mobile devices and screens in the urban space as well as targeting the user’s physical location seem to be one of the most important trends. The popularity of smartphones and other mobile devices makes the physical environment a key factor in the process of acquiring new customers.

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