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We support the Universal Reading Foundation in collecting founds for books for the Ukrainian children

As Selectivv, we have been cooperating with the Foundation for quite some time already. Therefore, this time we decided to help in the fundraising process for the purchase of books and campaign "Books give refuge", directly after our previous cooperation on "Superpower of books at home”.

Selectivv supports Books give refuge campaign

Why is reading with children important?

What was the aim of the action "Superpower of books at home"? Very little is needed to make reading to children a good practice in every home. Therefore, the Foundation's campaign was aimed at reaching parents with simple rules that would help them overcome their first fears and invest in their children's future. Educational materials in the form of posters, webinars and other materials have been prepared that will easily teach the parent how to start reading with children, what to pay attention to and who to ask for advice. We conducted an online advertising campaign, thanks to which, among others, parents and teachers could learn about the action. We managed to precisely reach the target group, supporting awareness of the Foundation and its activities. Now we are helping with the campaign "Books give refuge".

Help for children from Ukraine - action Books give refuge

Our next cooperation – "Books give refuge", consists in supporting crowdfunding, auctions and donations of the Foundation. The money collected from these activities is transferred to purchase books in Ukrainian language and hand them over to refugee children. Nearly fifteen thousand new books for children from eight Ukrainian publishers have already reached Poland. The support continues, and the Foundation wants to offer children a substitute for normality, warmth, closeness and peace - and all this gives them even a few minutes of reading together!

I highly value the goal, individual actions, such as "Books give refuge", as well as the overall activities of the Foundation. I believe that the work done by the Universal Reading Foundation is amazing and extremely important. As Selectivv, we are happy that, as one of the partners, we can contribute to meeting its goals and promoting the campaign, developing our cooperation.” – commented co-CEO Selectivv, Dominik Karbowski.

Universal Reading Foundation has announced grants for Ukrainian publishers

The Foundation continues its activities. The grant system was announced on May 3rd on the website of the Universal Reading Foundation: www.fpc.org.pl. Ukrainian publishers without Russian capital, active on the publishing market for at least five years and having published at least fifty books, may apply. Honorary patronage was assumed by the First Lady of the Republic of Poland.

"I am deeply grateful to the Universal Reading Foundation for undertaking an extremely important initiative to support Ukrainian publishers, who right now, in the face of the ongoing war, need to raise funds to continue their activities. Ukrainian publishers have found themselves in a dramatic situation; without help, they will not be able to launch books on the market, the lack of which will result in the decline of readership and, consequently, in the decline of the directly related to it education." – First Lardy Agata Kornhauser-Duda emphasized.

Books give refuge - grants
Selectivv supports the "Books give refuge" campaign

"We are delighted with the FPC grant competition for our publishers, the current situation is truly dramatic for them" - noted Oleksandr Afonin, the director of the Association of Ukrainian Publishers and Booksellers. 

The Universal Reading Foundation donates funds raised in collections since the beginning of the war. Legal services for the grant competition were provided pro bono by the law firm Barembruch and Partners. Accounting services are provided pro bono by Soltax accounting firm. Crowdfunding is supported pro bono by Selectivv, communication is carried out pro bono by LoveBrandsGroup agency. The Foundation continues to provide aid to Ukrainian children in Poland and publishers in Ukraine.

Cooperation of Selectivv with the Universal Reading Foundation

We have been cooperating with the Foundation for over two years, since 2020. Together, we have already carried out many campaigns to promote reading, conducting precise advertising campaigns for smartphones. Initiatives such as Teraz czas na czytanie, Find time for reading, Superpower of books at home or Books give refuge are extremely important in developing awareness of the importance of reading, especially among the youngest. The Universal Reading Foundation was established in the fall of 2018. Its goal is to increase the level of readership in Poland by encouraging families to read and talk to children.

We are happy to support valuable social campaigns and establish cooperation with organizations whose goal is close to us. That is why our cooperation with the Universal Reading Foundation continues. We will definitely share its effects, as well as further joint actions.

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