Case Study

Charity campaign for the Universal Reading Foundation

We implemented a targeted advertising campaign using DMP Selectivv, Geotrapping® technology and user profiling. Data based on GAID and IDFA.


Goals that the customer achieved thanks to our cooperation

Over 400,000 unique impressions
Fundraising support, poster downloads, newsletter subscription
Over 10,000 clicks from the target group

Presentation of the main problem of the client that we have solved

The main goal of the client was to increase awareness and reach as many people as possible who could potentially contribute to a fundraising event for children from Ukraine. 

The close cooperation of specialists from the marketing, implementation, and sales departments allowed for establishing an action plan and implementing specific measures to achieve satisfactory results. The client's goal was also to increase traffic on the website and download materials from the Foundation regarding reading books to children and with children. The Foundation wants to raise parents' awareness of books' importance in children's development. 

Presentation of the applied solution to the problem - charity campaign

The first challenge facing our specialists was to define the appropriate target group. Considering that both the charity campaign for Ukraine and the reading campaign in Poland are directed at parents, teachers and people who can support the fundraising campaign, we knew that the campaign should go to them. Therefore, our main target group profile was parents with children up to the age of 8. Of course, we also had to consider parents who did not have children yet - that is, pregnant women. It is a very relevant target that prepares for the birth of a child and makes purchases before that day. The FPC is primarily a reading institution "in itself". That is why we decided to reach people generally interested in reading, for whom books are a hobby and could appreciate the Foundation's help in fundraising for this purpose. 

Our activities were largely based on continuous consultation with the client and informing them about the progress of the campaign. Our specialists were with him from the planning stage, through its start, to completion and summary. The cooperation with the Foundation was very smooth and efficient, and the project we implemented was successful.

A word about Selectivv specialists

Selectivv is created by a group of specialists qualified in mobile research and advertising. We have many years of experience, supported by many achievements, and work with recognized companies. When implementing projects, we use our proprietary data collection solution and an internal DMP. Additionally, we can combine online and offline data, making our campaigns effective and achieving the best results.

We integrate data from over 350,000 applications and 17,000,000 mobile pages. Our technical capabilities and years of work enable an extensive list of user profiles in our DMP. Regardless of our client’s needs and the target group, we can find smartphone owners whose characteristics are ideally suited to the needs and goals of the campaign.

People working in each Selectivv’s department are qualified and experienced. Our specialists will help you get the best results, advise the most effective solutions and lead the project in a way that will ensure the expected outcome. We have the technical background and skills to lead your campaign successfully. Just reach out to us, and we'll do the rest!

Charity campaign - description of specific effects of the implemented activities

During the 3 months of the campaign, our specialists managed to achieve over 400,000 unique impressions on the client's website and over 10,000 clicks from the target group. Moreover, the collections established and supported by the Foundation reached potential donors. The charity campaign was successful.

Client's Testimonial
Praca z Selectivv to wspaniałe wsparcie: dzięki kampanii dotarliśmy do dużo większej części grupy docelowej, analizujemy wyniki i jesteśmy w stanie dalej budować zasięgi i tym samym – efektywniej docierać z ważnymi treściami o czytaniu do młodych rodziców.
Maria Deskur
President of the Universal Reading Foundation

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