Case Study

Gang Swojaków Campaign for Biedronka

We realized a targeted advertising campaign with Wavemaker, using Selectivv DMP, Geotrapping® technology and user profiling.


Business goals that the customer achieved thanks to our cooperation

Over 70,000 clicks
8% CTR
9 seconds of engagement in creatives

Presentation of the main problem of the client that we have solved

The goal presented by the client was to engage the user so that he would like to spend as much time as possible on the creation of RichMedia. It required deliberate actions.

The client decided to turn to us. Consultation with our specialists allowed us to establish an action plan taking into account goals and risks. The campaign aimed to be interesting enough for the user to play the game. The usage of RichMedia creative was extremely important at this stage of the campaign. The promotion method we used is modern and effective.

Presentation of the applied solution to the problem - charity campaign

We have received detailed information from the client on the campaign’s effect they care about. The most important task for our specialists was to determine to whom this kind of advertisement should be displayed to be effective, and the game started.

In order to engage users to click on the advertisement and encourage them to play the game, it was necessary to define the target group precisely. From the start, we knew it should be the parents of children aged 7-12. Additionally, they had to be customers of the brand and visitors to the stores with supplies for children. They had to be people using retail applications and people visiting science-related portals. Due to the non-standard campaign method (RichMedia), it targeted people interested in a specific type of ad. We additionally included targeting by specific keywords. Thanks to these activities, the advertisement reached the right people, and its results were satisfactory for the client.

Our activities were largely based on proper consultation with the client and informing them about the campaign’s progress. Our specialists were with them from the planning stage, through its start, to completion and summary. Thanks to the effective identification of the client's needs, appropriate communication, setting goals and the degree of risk, and above all - a well-conducted campaign, it was possible to achieve the client's set goal.

The campaign's success was distinguished by Mobile Trends nominating it in the Mobile Marketing category at the nationwide Mobile Trends Awards 2022.

A word about Selectivv specialists

Selectivv is created by a group of specialists qualified in mobile research and advertising. We have many years of experience, supported by many achievements, and work with recognized companies. When implementing projects, we use our proprietary data collection solution and an internal DMP. Additionally, we can combine online and offline data, making our campaigns effective and achieving the best results.

We integrate data from over 350,000 applications and 17,000,000 mobile pages. Our technical capabilities and years of work enable an extensive list of user profiles in our DMP. Regardless of our client’s needs and the target group, we can find smartphone owners whose characteristics are ideally suited to the needs and goals of the campaign.

People working in each Selectivv’s department are qualified and experienced. Our specialists will help you get the best results, advise the most effective solutions and lead the project in a way that will ensure the expected outcome. We have the technical background and skills to lead your campaign successfully. Just reach out to us, and we'll do the rest!

Description of specific effects of the implemented activities

The 30-day campaign allowed us to achieve over 70,000 clicks on the creative. Users spent on average 9 seconds on it, with a CTR of 8%.

Client's Testimonial
Rich Media’s format with the game perfectly fulfilled the goal of user engagement with the advertisement, which was particularly important in the then phase of the campaign. Long time spent with creation combined with precisely directed communication is a result not only desirable from the point of view of the campaign's goal, but also in the context of building modern digital advertising.
Sergiusz Śmiszek
Digital Communication Senior Planner Buyer

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