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It has been some time since we are facing growing restriction on mobility or shopping and service outlets availability. According to that, we can read many predictions and even some report articles on who gains and who loses in the current situation in Poland. Undoubtedly, the biggest challenge is maintaining smooth delivery to stores and orders to customers’ homes. It is also important to survive the sudden decline in the consumption of certain services or goods. Many entrepreneurs face difficult tasks and marketing during the crisis is one of them.

What’s next? It is forecasted [1] that after the end of the state of emergency some habits will stay with us for longer. Particular brands and online services can count on new loyal customers in the future. Why is it still worth investing in marketing activities? How to set goals? And what solutions are worth using? Answers below.

Marketing during the crisis – how to operate when traditional channels are cut off?

For many businesses so far, digital activities have been just a part of all advertising activity. Both today and in the coming months, taking advantage of the possibilities of digital marketing, including mobile devices solutions, will give us a chance to keep business and rebuild after the crisis. Many companies, especially those from the B2B segment, lost strategic points of acquiring and maintaining customer relationships overnight.

Major industry events, such as fairs and conferences, have been canceled. Meetings are held via online tools. The use of many goods and services in their current form has become impossible or unnecessary. However, it doesn’t mean that we should stop investing in our brand marketing. We should still take care of reach and reputation. Our competition is still there. We still need to reach regular and potential customers. We still are able to communicate with people who attend trade shows or characterize some special attributes coherent to our offer.

In-app advertisement.

For the very first time, we are observing such significant increases of individual apps active users. Previous, changes in user activity were seasonal, related to the specific moments of the year or major sport events (e.g. an increase in the health and fitness category apps usage at the beginning of the year resulting from New Year’s resolutions or the sport category apps during the Olympics, Football Championships, etc.). This is the first such a situation since we use mobile devices, when, from day to day, most employees are required to stay at home and work remotely. This has a significant impact on the increase in interest in applications.

Selectivv. Marketing during the crisis. How do we use mobile devices when we do not leave the house?
Selectivv. How do we use mobile devices when we do not leave the house?

Since we know that our recipients spend more time using smartphones (not just messengers, social media or VOD), it is worth implementing marketing campaigns to users of specific apps or app groups. By displaying advertising to people using particular apps or those from selected categories, we gain advertising potential higher than before.

Omnichannel and crosschannel

Marketing during the crisis means also using many communication tools and channels. It allows you to reach a wider and larger audience – acquire new customers and retain existing ones. The solution we use is e.g. combining activities in social media and on mobile devices.

Recently, for one of our clients, we have prepared such a multi-stage strategy. At the beginning, we conducted a social media and search engines campaigns. It provided us with the informations on the audience better. On this basis, in the second stage, we modified our activities – ad creatives, web content, message, target group, etc. We also implemented mobile campaign. Effect? A satisfied customer who not only achieved campaign goals (leads collecting), but also got to know his target group better, improved the content presented on the website and decided to continue our cooperation.

How to benefit from canceled events and closed shopping centers?

We already know that we will not physically reach people who used to participate in the particular industry events. However, it doesn’t mean, that we cannot reach them at all. Conferences and fairs were an occasion to acquire customers to whom we later offered our services. By implementing a marketing campaign based on Geotrapping® technology, the chance for success is even higher. We will reach users who have visited particular POIs in the past (selected stores, fairs, conferences, etc.). We also distinguish the clients of the selected brand from the clients of its competition. That kind of activities may be used to establish relationships, image-building, acquiring leads, as well as sales. Using historical location data, we can also reach people who usually spend time in shopping malls. As a next step, we can interest them in our online offer.

Selectivv. Marketing during the crisis. Mobile advertisement to users who have visited certain POIs. Geotrapping®
Selectivv. Mobile advertisement to users who have visited certain POIs. Geotrapping®

We can focus on getting to know our recipients better.

When organizing the current strategy and planning activities for two or three months ahead, it is worth analyze clients. Not only our own, but also potential or competitors ones. What does this research look like and what information does it provide? Using historical location data, app analysis and improved profiling, we can prepare a report. As a rsult, we learn about the demographics and characteristics of the offer target group. We effectively learn how our potential recipients behave, what their lifestyle is, what their needs and aspirations are. Preparation of such a characteristics earlier will save on possible experiments later. Also, it provides the basis for real planning in times of dynamically changing situations. Among others, it allows you to effectively use time in a crisis.

To sum up

The current situation is not easy. For many, it is very difficult. We know that limiting marketing or PR activities seems to be the first right step we can take. However, marketing during the crisis is needed. It’s worth reorienting your strategies online instead of giving up advertising. We know that everyone is different and has unique needs. The crisis will come to an end someday. It depends on the marketing activities undertaken today where your company will be in a quarter, six months or a year.

Do you want your ad to be more effective? Use more than one targeting method. We will adapt them to your requirements.

[1] Przez koronawirusa zaczniemy kupować głównie w sieci [in:] retail350

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